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Words are magic.

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Write or die.

Hello! I'm Nick Bridwell, a successful writer working and living in Austin, Texas with my wife, Jess, our dog, Rogue, and our cultivated collection of books, records, art, hats, & guitars.

My wife and I joke that I have a "write or die" mentality.  I consider myself a conduit for positive creative energy, and I've devoted this energy to something that runs the world — words! This has given us a great life and has given me a career I'm excited about every day.​

As a copywriter, I've had the pleasure to work for billion-dollar corporations, scrappy indie businesses, and everything in between. My approach is always the same: "How do I tell a story in a way that best speaks to the target audience?" With collaboration, communication, and creativity, there's no story that can't be told and no message that can't be sold.

In addition to copywriting, I'm also a published novelist and journalist. I've profiled rock stars, astronauts, politicians, and artists. Studying fiction and journalism has instilled in me the priceless value of a good story and the importance of connecting with a reader on an emotional level.




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