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I craft compelling content across digital, print, product, and video channels. My #1 strength is creating copy that speaks directly to a brand's target audience. Whether you need to capture attention in a few short lines or across a sweeping, multichannel campaign, I have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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Various Campaigns

As a Senior Copywriter at GameStop, I've written copy for thousands of digital & print pieces. Here, I've selected some of my favorite pieces supporting the world's biggest pop culture IPs, including DC, Marvel, Pokémon, Star Wars, Zelda, & more.



Project: CollectFest

porfoliopiecesgs (2)_edited.png

For CollectFest, I ideated a campaign name inspired by music festivals.  I then worked with the designers to create cross-channel print and digital assets that spoke directly to GameStop's audience of pop culture collectors.


The campaign was a huge success and led to it being replicated 2x a year going forward.



Project: Super Anime Week

For Super Anime Week, I ideated a campaign name and messaging inspired by fan-favorite anime culture.  I then worked with the designers to create email heroes, banners, etc. that spoke directly to anime lovers.

The campaign was a huge success and led to it being replicated multiple times a year.

porfoliopiecesgs (4)_edited.png



Project: GameStop Pro Launch Video

For the new GameStop Pro program, I had to take A LOT of information about a new program and create a hype video that was informative, entertaining, and just a bit transactional.

I created every aspect of messaging for this multi-million dollar, multi-channel initiative. This video shows how I am able to take programmatic language and turn it into digestible content.

This is a 25-second section of the full video. 


Through my copy, I've represented some of the world's most beloved brands.

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