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Writing is my passion and I've had the privilege of writing in many different mediums. Whether I'm creating fiction, journalism, marketing, or copywriting, I always find a way to imbue my work with spirit and personality. 


Copywriting, Ideation, Branding, Marketing, Content Creation, Blogging, Journalism, Fiction, Brand Guidelines, Digital Copy, Print Copy, Creative Direction, Content Mapping

Work Experience

July 2021-Present

Senior Copywriter — GameStop

As the sole creative copywriter for a billion-dollar company, I've worked with designers to create thousands of digital and print assets. My job involves ideation, creation, production, and company-wide collaboration. 


Title: Copywriting & Ideation — Lokal Media House

At LMH, I was responsible for conceiving and writing brand campaigns for digital, print, video, and social. I worked with companies like LMC Properties, Nitro Nails, Ecoutez, and Utility Concierge to build their brands and excel at reaching their target audience across channels. From concept to creative direction, I did it all.

January 2010-Present

Freelance Journalist

As a freelance writer, I have contributed to many print and digital publications, including Plano Magazine,,, Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion, & more.

For a deeper dive into my work experience, please see my LinkedIn Profile.


Bachelor of Arts, 2010

English: Creative Writing - Fiction


"Nick Bridwell is a great
creative storyteller...

...who is always coming up with ideas and angles to write about. He is a hard worker and keeps his work timely and hits deadlines. I highly recommend working with Nick."

– Danny Braught

"Nick Bridwell is my
go-to writer...

...for a creative, surprising approach to any story..
No boring, clichéd features from him. Nick is also very professional when dealing with interviewees and clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him."

– Jennifer Shertzer
Editor-in-Chief, Plano Magazine

"I've never met anyone more creative than Nick.

He can spin up something so ingenious in a single second, that you just can't help but wish you wrote it yourself. I've known him as a copywriter, journalist, and author. It's been a pleasure to witness his writing journey."

– Hayley Salyer


In my free time, I continue to pursue artistic ventures. I've published a novel, The Ties That Bind, written and performed songs for film trailers, and I've done pro bono social media work for progressive environmental and ethical groups. Currently, I'm working on two separate graphic novel projects alongside two young, artistic prodigies.

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